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Metalurso started as a breakaway from Gokul Bakshi's home practice as a metalsmith in is native city New Delhi.

Gokuls training in Metalwork allowed him to connect directly with craftsmen and make alongside them, forging a lifelong relationship and a crafting interdependence. 


Our ethos is ‘spirit metal’. This embodies a philosophy of respecting the inner workings of a system and its sources as well as the output, the work and the wearers.

We are a small business, with craftsmen from different socio-economic backgrounds, working out of a home basement in India. We love what we do and we make to share pieces that will last forever. Our aim is to pay our craftsmen their fair price and deliver jewellery that will last forever with pure and true materials. 


India is currently facing a huge shift in its production systems from small workshops into big factory setups where the craftsman is a mere cog in a giant machine subject to the will and whims of conglomerates and their remuneration schemes. Small businesses in the realm of jewellery are drying out as free-lance craftsmen are not able to compete with the cost effectiveness of these production giants.

Our aim is to pay our craftsmen their fair price and deliver jewellery that will last forever with pure and true materials. We work as a collective of freelance craftsmen rather than a factory setup which allows us to be in control of our pay, our work life and our profits. 

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We source our gemstones from certified vendors who provide material that is mined ethically and with regulated machinery. We pride ourselves in a supply chain that benefits small time miners, giving them a fair price and a chance to grow their business. This is another reason why our pricing may seem higher than other business practises. In return our stones are of a quality easily distinguishable and we are transparent about our source as well as the ingenuity of the materials we use. 

Here is our list of vendors: 


Joe henley Rough (USA)

anciets17 (USA)

JRs gemstones (Australia)

Mine to market (Pakistan)


Each piece is handmade. We make limited edition multiples and one-of-a-kind pieces to keep our process fresh.

In our search for a more sustainable practice with metals, we upcycle any and all unsold work, melt it and use it toward a new collection. We also encourage our clients to Give us your Metal, as a trade-in for a discount on the work. 


Our Packaging is supplied by Teddy Exports. This exceptional community is known for 

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