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Each a distinct character in colour, composition and hardness, we explore crystals from Earth and beyond.


Soulfully vibrant expression of matter in all its glory. 

Our Crystals are sourced from Miners, Traders and Rough Houses. We take care in everything we source promising quality and a strong effort to source ethically. 

Pick what calls out to you.

Uruguay Amethyst (Quartz).jpg


The deep purple quartz.


Discovered to be a stone for clairvoyance and psychic amplification. 

Opening our crown chakr to receive and transmit the colour purple in our lives.

Uruguay Amethyst 1.5g



Iolite the dichroic Indigo, light passes through and it may seem colourless. 

Fooling the third eye with the Indigo purple, another stone of mind, Deep hues contrast light transparencies.

Tanzanian Iolite 0.8g

Rainbow Moonstone Bihar Mine.jpg


Orthoclase. A crystal softer crystal than most, cousin of the labradorite, found in abundance in the Indian sub-continent, vast qualities, yet the undying rainbow Reflects the cool blues of the throat. 

Often attributed to its namesake, the blue rainbow moonstone is a true display of rainbow reflections and the celestial winds that colour it. 

Terminated Peridot Baluchistan.jpg


Green Apple cherry sour. 

The freshest green of greens, and there are many greens,Leos beware. 

Solar Plexus Chakr

Pakistani Peridot tooth 0.7g



Golden Scapolite Nigeria.jpg


Bi-color Tourmaline Namibian .jpg



Rutile Quartz

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